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Call 800's for Product Samples & Coupons
800-373-3769 Free bottle of Soy Sauce (AR., CA., NV., OR. & WA. only)
877-262-4360 Free "Ambien" Coupon
866-347-2492 Free $25 Rebate on "At Last" Blood Glucose Testing System
800-222-9123 Free Mead/Johnson Coupons toward Enfamil, ProSobee, Other Formulas
800-842-3030 Free Magnetic Dose Chart and $2 Coupon on Children's Motrin Cold
866-844-2798 Balmax Coupons [Verified 8.3.2007] Live operator.
800-523-6633 OR 1-800-233-2468 Free Beech-Nut "New Parent Pack" with Baby Food Coupons
800-547-9400 Free Carnation Baby Formula Coupons and Free Magazine Subscription
800-543-3112 Free Carnation Baby Formula Coupons and Booklet
800-242-5200 Free Carnation Follow-Up Formula Coupons and Booklet
888-557-8839 Free Arthritis Medication from Searle if Qualified to Take Part in Study
800-257-8650 Bean-O Gas Prevention Sample
800-301-0016 OR 800-598-1990 Excedrin-PM Aspirin Free Sample
800-589-1509 (press 2) MediFreeze Sample Jar of Advanced Cold Therapy
800-480-4810 Neutrogena Soap Dish
800-228-2273 Purina Cat Chow Coupon & Literature
800-652-0330 Purina Cat/Dog Food Sample
800-548-8367 Purina Kitten Chow Kitten Club
888-606-2275 Purina One Challenge--once every 2 years
800-652-6060 Purina Pro-plan Cat/Dog Food - Choose a Sample or $4 Off
800-553-7900 Purina Pro-Plan Cat/Dog Food Sample
800-531-2390 Vallet Vet Supply
800-252-7022 Heinz Pet Products
800-445-5777 Hill's Pet Nutrition Line
800-835-7268 Huggies/Kimberly Clark ask to be put on the mailing list to send you coupons &special offers
800-525-4267 The IAMS Company
800-525-5273 Kal Kan Foods, Inc.
800-956-0899 Purina Puppy Chow, Free sample of Purina Puppy Chow


Free Address Labels:


Free Address Labels - Help Fight Breast Cancer
From the Susan G. Coleman for the Cure
Call 1-800-462-9273 : then Press 3, Then Press 2, Then Press 2 & leave your address.

Free Christmas Seals and Christmas Address Labels: http://www.christmasseals.org/