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New Coupons to look for:  Fisher Price Coupons: $15 off coupons for select Fisher price toys can be found in the following magazines: People Magazine - Dec. 17th (goes on sale Dec. 7th),

I spoke with Joann (11-15-07) who handles the marketing for Clean Slate wine and you have to have the ACTUAL FORM, in order to do the rebate! The phone humber is below if you want to call yourselve. Clean slate wine $30.00 rebate (PRINTABLE FORM will NOT be valid): exp. 11-30-07, PM 12-31-07, http://cleanslatewine.com/downloads/CSOKTCouponMail.pdf , Click Wine Group, 808 Howell Street, 5th floor, Seattle, WA 98101 , 800-859-0689 (ask for marketing dept.) cleanslate@clickwinegroup.com

Test driving a Mazda 2007 CX-9 & get a $25.00 Circuit City E-Gift Card: exp. 1-31-08, http://www.mazdausa.com/MusaWeb/displayCircuitCityIncentivePromo.action?referrer=http://www.mazdaholidaydrive.com&bhcp=1

The COKE Rewards program has been extended , new exp. date is 12-31-09, here is the number if you want to verify it, coke rewards 866-674-2653!

Pepperidgefarm Hoilday Instant Win: exp. 1-15-08, http://www.pepperidgefarm.com/holiday/default.aspx

Join Now Purina Snack Lovers' Club and get coupons and free pet snacks in the mail. http://www.purinatreats.com/GetPage.aspx?PageID=442&COID=212&D=12049041&T=4116630&D=12049041&T=4116630 

Join Pepsi World---Get access EXCLUSIVE sweepstakes, coupons & contests from Pepsi (New Members): https://account.pepsiworld.com/join/?sssdmh=dm24.119347&skn=1000  OR http://tinyurl.com/385stx

New Product/Coupons: Fruitabu--like, real fruit -smashed, http://www.fruitabu.com/

Kellogg's Cereal peelies, $1.00/1 (purple) exp. 3-31-08 (Thanks, Laura M.)

Centrum Jump Drive, if you do not recieve your drive call 888-289-2943 or visit www.web-rebates.com/wyeth

Kroger Family, How this works:  When you sign up your Shopper Card using the link below, you are able to choose coupons to put on your Shopper Card from the website that automatically get used, when you show your shopper card along with the items that the coupons are for. These EXACT coupons ALSO come in the newspaper each week in what is known as the P&G Saver's Guide (coupon booklet). You are able to COMBINE both Shopper Card coupons you get online with those in the newspaper for FREE or VERY CHEAP items. Also, Doubling/Tripling policy's on manufacturer coupons STILL apply even with combining them with Shopper Card coupons. http://www.softcoin.com/Sites/PG_eSAVER/Page/HomePage/

Join Mountain Dew to find out about cool sweeps, prizes and more that Mountain Dew has to offer: https://account.mountaindew.com/join/?sssdmh=dm24.119828&skn=1001

Free Kraft Good Eating (Diabetes) Welcome Kit with coupons: http://www.kraftfoods.com/diabetic/main.aspx?s=diabetic&m=main_content

Free Sign-Up for RJR Tobacco Mailing List for Coupons and Offers: 800-265-1173 or 800-372-9300

Kohls $10.00, card in the mail with a $10 off $10 purchase from Nov 8-17th, comes in plastic with an advertisement.

Golden Corral Restaurants for members of the military. 5 - 9 pm on Nov 12th

K-mart: Cacao Reserve chocolate display at Kmart with tearpads of the following coupon exp. 12-24-07. Buy $10 of Cacao Reserve, Get $10off your flower or wreath purchase - cut, potted or artificial. Must be purchased in same transaction.

Get $15-20 in coupons from Kimberly-Clark: http://www.madreymujer.com/ , sign up for their 'libro' and you will receive coupons for Kotex, Kleenex, and other KClark products...you may want to consult the dictionary in order to answer the questions or just click and guess. You need to make sure that your mailing address is correct, the book and coupons are supposed to take about 6 weeks .

Free (Check everyday) 4-pack of Promise activ SuperShots: http://www.promisehealthyheart.com/coupons/errors.aspx?errorid=1Rachel's coupons & special offers: http://www.rachelsdairy.com/community-offers.php

Bath & Body Cpn 10.00/30.00: exp. 12-2-07, http://f.e.bathandbodyworks.com/i/34/528207786/110507A1_coup.htmlGlucerna product coupon: $1.25 off any: http://glucerna.com/offer/

Target printable TOY coupons: http://sites.target.com/site/en/spot/page.jsp?title=toy_coupons_main

The Children's Place, 20% off coupon: exp. 11-30, http://www.childrensplace.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/EmailJump?storeId=10001&langId=-1&catalogId=10001&jumpId=NovBCCb&age=8&CodeId=%20CLUBEM2S4ZB7&cm_ven=Emails&cm_cat=100107&cm_pla=OctoberBirthdayClub&cm_ite=CouponT

Kmart/Mattel or Fisher Price: Save $5 @ Kmart on any Mattel or Fisher-Price toy purchase of $20 or more, exp. 11-30-07, http://www.mattel.com/Kmart/?gclid=CKOh66W9w48CFQKHPAodNh7SZg

B2G1Free (2-liter) Mug Root Beer coupon (printable): exp. 12-31-07, http://bricks. coupons.com/ Start.asp? sssdmh=dm24. 117065&tqnm=si1jeot5905534 9&bt=wi&o=50723&c=PE&p=9FsIhAv6

Armour & Eckrich coupons (printable): http://www.armour- eckrich.com/ freeonlinecoupon s3.asp?UserID= trhess@att. net

Bath & Body Works coupon (printable): exp. 11-04-07 http://tinyurl. com/2cjv7a

Dale and Thomas $20.00 Gift Card Free: http://www.daleandt homasgifts. com/vzgiftcard. asp

The Limited coupon (printable): exp. 11-11-07 http://tinyurl. com/2b3nbv

Polly Pocket $5.00 coupon (printable): exp. 12-31-07, http://www.mattel. com/pollypromise /coupon_english. pdf

Free Sam's Club Visit: exp. 12-31-07, printable, http://www.samsclub memberservices. com/InvitationTo Shop-Oct. aspx

Wyeth Consumer Healthcare coupons (printable): http://www.wyeth. com/specialoffer s?rid=/wyeth_ html/home/ user_group_ landing/for_ pc/coupons. html

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter cpn (printable): http://www.spraysin thecity.com/ Coupons.aspx

Bridgford products coupons: complete short survey to print store coupon, http://bridgford.com/consumer/guestbook/default.asp or straight to coupon, http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=skccevc66562470&bt=wi&o=9176&pt=&lang=&ws=&ct=&ci=&cl=&cp=&eb=1&c=BR&p=806347071&z=&r=&pc=&tc=

Planet Hollywood coupon (printable): exp. 12-31-08 http://tinyurl. com/29j5jq

GMC Test Drive (good in GA,FL, NC, TN Only): http://www.gmcprogr adechallenge. com/

Tylenol $5.00 coupon (printable): (go to the bottom and on the left click download coupon.), http://www.tylenol. com/page. jhtml;jsessionid =RHOWPW14EJXLQCQ PCAOSUYYKB2IIWNS C?id=tylenol/ news/subpcccoldm ed.inc&_requestid=5210

Robitussin coupon (printable): http://tinyurl. com/37wdvo

No Nonsense coupon $2.00 on any product: (by mail), http://www.nononsen se.com/tryusfree .aspx

Rachel's coupons & special offers: http://www.rachelsdairy.com/community-offers.php

Rachel's B1G1Free Yogurt coupon: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=skbqcqc29111361&bt=wi&o=50735&pt=&lang=&ws=&ct=&ci=&cl=&cp=&eb=1&c=RY&p=5228&z=&r=&pc=&tc= OR http://tinyurl.com/ywzgx6

Similac Organic formula coupon: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=sjzbail70278701&bt=wi&o=51193&pt=&lang=&ws=&ct=&ci=&cl=&cp=&eb=1&c=SM&p=35942&z=&r=&pc=&tc=

Gaviscon, Beano & more coupons ( printable): http://www.healthyspecials.com/Default.aspx

SquidSoap (new) by Airborne (printable) 75 coupon: exp. 12-15-07, http://www.squidsoap.com/pdfs/SS_75_coupon.pdf

B1G1F on Glade Wisp Flameless Candle (printable): http://gladeflamelesscandle.com/

Country Crock Butter .55 off coupon (printable): http://www.savethetoast.com/SavetheToast/default.aspx

Renuzit Pearl Scents Super Odor Neutralizer coupon (printable): http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=sjbkfqp87431052&bt=wi&o=51160&c=DI&p=Or8sbLIp

Firehouse Sub (Free chips & med. drink wyb 1 x Firehouse Sub) (printable): exp. 11-30-07, http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=skbbevq44232918&bt=wi&sssdmh=dm24.119347&o=51329&c=PE&p=qGmxtlf0 OR http://tinyurl.com/33pehb

Tropicana Juice Drinks, B1G1Free, (printable): exp. 12-2-07 (it is printable until 3-31-08), http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=skbbeji374826&bt=wi&sssdmh=dm24.119347&o=51272&c=PE&p=mBX4AR3D OR http://tinyurl.com/38s72p

Childrens Place 20% (printable): good Nov. 1- 30th http://tinyurl.com/yq8std & good online & in store.

Dove SkinVitalizer coupon $3.50: http://www.doveskinvitalizer.com/register.asp?source=dove_s

Finlandia ($25 worth) coupons & recipes and a free magnetic shopping list pad: http://finlandiacheese.com/newsletter/padform.pdf

Joanne Fabric Coupon: http://www.joann-mail.com/J0649e2d/coupons_only.html?r=0573113420&i=J0649e2d45

7 Brands with $29 in coupons (booklet/mailed): http://www.startsampling.com/sm/24730/quickQuestion.iphtml?item=24730&source=FEBAE


Purina coupons (printable): http://www.giveabowl.com/Consumer/brands/brandSelector.html?LI=1&D=42797&T=4083672

Motts Apple Sauce coupon (printable): http://www.motts.com/promos/index.asp

Silk Soy Milk coupon (printable): http://silkoffer.com/

Eckrich/Armour 75/1 coupon (printable) both exp. 12-31-07, http://www.armour-eckrich.com/images/coupons/eckrich.pdf and http://www.armour-eckrich.com/images/coupons/armour.pdf

Mission Tortillas, wraps or chips, $1.00 coupon: (printable): http://www.missionmenus.com/Chicago_registration.aspx

Ensure coupons (printable or by mail): https://ensure.com/tryensure/registration.aspx?loc=2&id=7599

Ameal BP Coupon, Redeemable at: Walgreens, Longs Drugs Stores, Raley's , exp. 12-31-07, http://www.amealbp.com/special_offers

Juicy Juice $1.00 coupon (printable): http://www.juicyjuice.com/harvestsurprise/promotion/default.aspx?CouponId=E2AA2F4D-B07D-4A4C-848C-65C0120679DC

Colgate toothpaste 1.00 coupon (printable): http://tinyurl.com/bllz9

Beano 1.00 coupon (printable): http://tinyurl.com/yv7sfc

Purina Cat Chow $4.00 cpn (printable): take short survery & can print x2, http://www.giveabowl.com/Consumer/brands/brandSelector.html?LI=1&D=28244&T=4064787

Johnsons Stress Body Wash cpn (printable) : http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=sg1ubde30338651&bt=wi&o=9784&c=JJ&p=ve5hCcNa&xpsp=xpsp2

Peter Pan Peanut Butter 1.00 coupon: Use code pppb162349, http://www.peterpanpb.com/raf/referAFriendEmail.do

Airwick Coupons (printable): http://offers.e-centives.com/registration/col.cfm?type=portal&id=DAC3ECCD-4EA3-4155-871D-FEB9D2130AFB

Pepcid AC coupon (printable): http://www.pepcid.com/page.jhtml?id=/mvcrc/pepcid/offers.inc

Hardee's Coupons (printable): http://www.hardees.com/promotions/

Propel .50/1 coupon (printable) from the Foodmax website: http://www.foodmaxx.com/lib/pdf/_coupons/Propel.pdfNEW exp. date---Post-It coupons (printable): exp. 12-31-07, http://www.3m.com/us/office/postit/promos/recycledSweepstakes/8238_3M_pos_online_coupon.pdf

Clubs-4-Women $10.00coupon (printable) exp. 11-5-07, http://www.clubs4women.com/coupons/famous-110507/famfoot.pdf

Mylanta $3.00 coupon (printable): http://www.mylanta.com/

No Nonsense coupon $2.00 on any product: (by mail), http://www.nononsense.com/tryusfree.aspx

Blue Bunny $2.00 coupon (printable): http://www.bluebunny.com/Coupons.aspx

Seattle Rebate: http://www.preceptbrands.com/contact/index.asp , see if you have a rebate that you have not received!

New Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Bathroom Wipes & $5.00 rebate offer (not printable): http://www.scrubbingbubbles.com/flushable-wipes/?hs225=chj&hs227=chj200710

Free Lip Gloss: http://startsampling.com/quickQuestion.iphtml?item=27396 , "Choose lip gloss as the answer", it will ask for you membership number, the member number is your StartSampling ID.

Walmart markdown schedule for Halloween merchandise, most store usually have lots of candy left over, act fast! 50% off Nov 1st and 75% off Nov 5th

I called Hasbro & talked to a girl by the name Gloria, to make sure that they will accept the printable forms. You can do them BOTH since the offer number is different. Phone: 800-255-5516
Hasbro $30.00 Family Games Prepaid Visa offer: 9-15-07 thru 12-24-07,
http://tinyurl.com/ywy2rv , Hasbro $40.00 Family Games Prepaid Visa offer: good 9-15-07 thru 12-24-07, http://tinyurl.com/246fzh

Need help to organize you house, check this site out: http://www.organizedhome.com/

Kingsize Direct: $10 off $10 use code "KS6596" good on any purchase, www.kingsizedirect.com , free shipping code "KS9228" but you may only use one code.

Woman Within (Lane Bryant Catalog): www.womanwithin.com , 15$ off 30$ or more code "WW13436" exp 11-20-07

McDonalds Monopoly Game: exp. 11-13-07, http://monopoly.corsis.com/monopoly07/front.do , Be sure to READ the rules you can get play free by doing the mail in offer!JCPenney 15% off coupon for doing a survey: http://surveys.jcpenney.com/perseus/surveys/193466868/coupon01.aspx

Good & bad companions for vegetables: http://www.gardenguides.com/how-to/tipstechniques/vegetables/vcomp.asp

Join Pepsi World to get promos: http://www.pepsiusa.com/home.php

Join Charmin to get special offers & promos: http://www.charmin.com/en_us/pages/extender_request.shtml

New Counterfeit coupon, Beneful:http://www.cents-off.com/doc/Ralston_Sept1807.pdf

NEW forms & coupons:

Blue Nun $5.00 rebate, code form, exp. 4-30-2008

Rebate up to $8.00 on any (4) Beano, Gaviscon, Phazyme, Tagament

Rayovac Batteries $5.00 rebate, send crt & upc, exp. 1-15-2008

Free Might Dog Movie Ticket: ticket is worth up to $8.50 matinee admission at participating theaters, exp. 10-15-07, http://www.mightydog.com/underdog/

(buy 2 specially marked variety packs)

Werther's Original & Riesen Offer, Box 5007, Dept 4821, Stacy, MN 55079. Good Grips gifts. For an OXO Good Grips bag clip send 2 UPCs from Werther's Original or Riesen candies (5.5 oz or 6.0 oz); for an OXO Nylon Spatula send 3 UPCs; for an OXO Angled Measuring Cup send 4 UPCs. Limit of 1 gift per household.Requires Form exp. NED

$30.00 Clean Slate wine offer, goes to Del Rio, TX, exp 11-30, PM 12-31-07

$5.00 Pillsbury/Smucker Holiday Rebate exp. 1-31-07

Minute Maid Enhanced Juice Pomegranate Blueberry, code form, up to $4.59

TMF Kelloggs All-Bran Yogurt Bites, up to $3.99

TMF Chiquita Fruit or Veggie, up to $4.99 or 5 $1.00 coupons exp. 10-31-07

Werthers Original & Riesen candys upcs: recieve Oxo gifts-buy 2 bags-get an Oxo Bag Chip; buy 3, get an Oxo Nylon Spatula; buy 4, get an Oxo angled measuring cup upcs, exp. 12-31-2050

TMF Kelloggs All-Bran Yogurt Bites, 12-31-07

Sensodyne Pro-Namel Toothpaste B1G1Free Offer, exp. 7-30-08

Nesquick Chocolate or Strawberry Milk single coupons, 50/1, exp. 3-31-08

Deli or frozen Pizza coupon, good on any (2) Free Dr Pepper , exp. 12-31-07

Dollar General $5.00 GC by mail when you purchase Prestone Antifreeze, exp. 4-30-08 (need store form)

GF Foods coffee TMF new Dark Mayan chocolate, up to $3.99, send upc & crt, exp. 3-31-2008

$1.00/1 Kellogg's cereals coupon, exp. 12-31-07

Reynolds Handi-Vac starter kit $5.00 rebate, send upc & crt, good 9-1-07 thru 3-31-08, Void in Rhode Island.

Holiday $5.00 Rebate form wyb $10.00 worth of Smuckers & Jif Peanut Butter, send crt, exp. 1-31-08

Clos du Bois $30.00 Rebate, Offer #115520, crt only, exp. 12-31-07 & good in all states.

Woodbridge Wines $12.00 rebate, crt only & upc codes written on form, exp. 12-31-07, good in all states .

Woodbridge Wines $15.00 Rebate, Offer #PWBW08079, exp. 12-31-07, good in all states