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Hog Heaven


Hog Heaven
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Beer--Liquor UPC's
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(DH & I are Diabetic's so there are items on my wish list that
I have to be picky about, hope you can understand!!)

PayPal: No Credit Cards Please

Gift Cards:
VISA /DEBIT Gift Cards (Hasbro)

WINE TAGS:  "Good In Arkansas--AR" not specified items & NWPN. (PLEASE include ALL information!  Chicken/Pork/Beef or Any MEAT: Chips/other Salty Snacks--Paper Goods--Produce--Fruit--Vegetables--Deli--Seasonal Items--Seafood--Can't "SAY FRESH") 

Need MEAT tags, especially on CHICKEN
$1.00/1   Cheese, good on Any,  exp. 7-31-08
$1.00/1   Pasta or Sauce, Any,  exp. 12-31-08
$3.00/1   MEAT, good on Any, exp. 6-30-08, NO MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIRED
$2.00/1   MEAT, good on Any exp. 12-31-08
$2.00/1   Deli item, good on Any, exp. 12-31-08
$1.00/1   Bread, good on Any, exp.  4-30-08
$1.00/1   Bread, good on Any exp. 8-31-08
$1.00/1   Seafood, good on Any  exp. 8-31-08 (Can't "SAY FRESH", good on ANY)
$2.00/1   Meat, Poultry or Seafood, exp. 12-31-08
$1.00/1   Produce, good on Any exp. 1-11-09
$3.00/1   Ice Cream , good on Any, exp. 7-31-08
$1.00/1   Pasta or Sauce, good on Any exp. 12-31-08
$1.00/1   Cheese, good on Any exp. 12-31-08
$1.00/1   Tomatoes, good on Any exp. 12-31-08
$1.00/1   Ground Beef, good on Any exp. 12-31-08

COUPONS NEEDED: I can double up to .50 on coupons @ my grocery stores I can't use "internet coupons" or PDF's,

$5.00   Quaker Coupons (NOT FORMS)
Camel Ciggys:  B1G1 FREE Pack exp. 6-30-08
$2.00/1: Farmland Bacon
$2.00/1:  Purina Tidy Cat Litter Coupons, exp. 12-31-08, SMP'S
$3.00/2:  Johnson and Johnson first aid products
$1.00/1:  General Mills Cereal SMP's , exp. 5-25-08
$1.00/1:  Kelloggs Cereal SMP's, 10oz or larger, exp. 6-30-08
$1.00/1:  Band-Aid -- good on any
$1.00/1:  Tidy Cats brand Cat Litter
$1.00/1:  Charmin Toilet Tissue, Freshmates, or Kid Fresh (must be good on ANY SIZE)
$2.00/1:  Reach One Ultimate Clean Toothbrush---on ANY
.00/1:  SoftSoap Body Wash  
$1.00/1:  Johnson & Jonhson's coupons---good on ANY
$1.00/1:  Edge - good on ANY have           
$1.00/1:  Skintimate Shave Gel - good on ANY
$1.00/1:  Shout - good on ANY
$1.00/1:  Old Spice High Endurance Deod. -- good on ANY            
$1.00/1:  Gillette Series deodorant---good on ANY           
$1.00/1:  Dove Shampoo/Conditioner---good on ANY           
$1.00/1:  Degree Ultra Clear deodorant---good on ANY           
$1.00/1:  Red Zone body wash---good on ANY 
$1.00/1:  Listerine good on Any size, exp. 5-31-08                     
$1.00/1:  Ponds Facial cloths---good on ANY
$1.00/1:  Soft & Dri---good on ANY
$1.00/1:  Speed Stick 24/7---good on ANY           
$1.00/1:  SunSilk Shampoo---good on ANY
$1.00/1:  All Small & Mighty---good on ANY
$.50/1 or higher: Minute Maid OJ --- good on ANY
$.75 or higher:  Propel Fitness Water/Coke/Sprite/Pepsi One Cpns (Can's & Liters)
Fancy Feast canned cat food - good on ANY
$3.00/1: IAMS Dry Cat Food, good on any size, exp. 6-30-08
$1.00: Coca Cola products, good on (2) 12-packs or (1) 24-pack, exp. 12-31-08 (peelie)
Free Coupons: I can't use expired cpns!
Please let me know what you have, can always use NEDs & Sugar-Free Cpns
Free Purina One/Natural Choice/Friskies/ Dog food
Free Johnson & Jonhsons--good on baby powder
$2.00/1: Manwich Cpns off Ground Beef
(FYI--When trading for UPC's:  I have always ask for NO "OLD", "MOLDY" OR Trial Size & If possible please label the upcs!! If I get anymore NASTY upc's, I will e-mail you & let you know so that arrangements can be made to CORRECT the trade!)
UPC'S: PLEASE NO "OLD", "MOLDY" OR TRIAL SIZE & leave part of package for identification or Please label the upcs!!
Manwich - can only
M&M upc's
Smuckers Ice cream toppings--any flavor
Hershey's Movie Tix points
Newport  (Goods) upc's
Indiana Jones - tokens x 4
12 & 24 Packs, 12 oz. cans
20 oz. bottle 3 pts.
2 liter bottle 3 pts.
1 liter bottle 3 pts.
New Forms--Please let me know what you have w/All Info., & they must
be GOOD in Arkansas--AR & Kentucky--KY
(CAN NOT USE THESE: McClelland's Scotch, Pinnacle Vodka, Three Olives, and others that are White Rock Distilleries forms)
Liquor Forms--nothing below $5.00
Jack Rum (code form) $10.00 rebate, Box #426008-02, Del Rio TX,  exp. 6-30-08
Pinnacle Vodka $5.00, code form, Del Rio TX ,  exp. 6-30-08
Seagram’s $10.00 , Box 8643, Dept VK, Prospect Heights, IL, exp. 12-31-08
Coppola $24.00 rebate,  #FFCDIA07 , recieve by 1-15-09
CK Mondavi to $36.00 rebate, #CKM08105 exp. 5-31-08
Coppola Diamond Collection to $36.00,  #FFCDIA09, exp. 12-31-08
Rosemont $25.00 Gas Forms: CRT Only, (purchase $10.00 in gas along w/4 bottles of Rosemont get $10.00 rebate OR purchase $25.00 in gas along w/ 8 bottles of Rosemont get $25.00 rebate, exp. 5-31-08 goes to Del Rio, TX)
Gnarly Head to $18.00, offer #GHFL08100, code form, exp. 9-30-08 
Purina Weight Circles Cat/Kitten Food Needed:
No OLD ones will be accepted must be current!!!!
Pro Plan Adult & Kitten
Purina One Adult & Kitten
Purina Kitten Chow
(Can NOT use Dealers Pride, Cat Menu, Deli Cat brand, Any Purina or Friskies Cat Treats or Tidy Cats Cat Litter)
Purina Weight Circles Dog/Puppy Food Circles
No OLD ones will be accepted must be current!!!!

Purina ONE Adult & Puppy
Purina Puppy Chow
Purina Dog Chow
Pro Plan Performance
Pro Plan Adult & Puppy


Newport UPC's---Newport Goods
Virginia Slims 

CIGGY COUPONS: Manufacture Cpns only, NO Menthols!
Marlboro Cpns Only

REGULAR OR KING--Size Wrappers ONLY: Reeses, Hershey's, Almond Joy, Kit Kat, PayDay, York, Heath, Mounds, Krackle, Mr Goodbar, Caramello, 5th Ave