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COUPONS: CAN BE DOUBLED UNLESS STATED (None of these coupons are printed off the "INTERNET"  OR  "PDF FILES")
Sunday Coupons:
Pet Coupons:

8 x (2)-----Free Cans of Fancy Feast elegant Melodys, WYB any 7lb Purina ONE brand cat food, exp. 6-30-08 (peelies)
1 x Free 2 cans of pouches of Purina brand Pet food, any size, any variety, exp. 12-31-08, val. $2.78
ALL of these are Non-Sunday Coupons:
12 x 1.00/1-----------AMP Energy Traction, Elevate or Relaunch 16oz can, exp. 6-15-08
5 x 1.00/1------------Aleve Liquid Gel product, ANY , exp. 6-30-08
12 x Free (val. $1.59) 1.5 Liter LIPTON ICED TEA, WYB (1) 16.9oz 12pack of Lipton Iced Tea, any flavor, exp. 7-31-08 (peelies)
25 x 1.50/3----------WYB  (3) STARKIST Flavor Fresh Pouch Tuna (3oz OR larger, exp. 9-1-08
6 x 1.00/1------------Freshtables Vegetables, good on Any exp. 12-31-08 (
12 x 1.00/2----------WYB GLAD ForceFlex Bags (any) and Clorox Regular Bleach, (peelie) exp. 12-31-08
6 x 1.00/1------------Jimmy Dean Smoked Sausage Breakfast Skillets, exp. 12-31-08, says DND----starts with "5"
6 x .55/1--------------Kellogg's Special K Protein Water Mix, 7ct or larger,  exp. 12-31-08, Says DND on back -- but Starts with "5"
3 x 1.00/1------------Kellogg's Special K Protein Water Mix, 4pk only , any flavor, exp. 12-31-08, Says DND on back -- but Starts with "5
3 x .25/1--------------LANCE 8ct, sandwich cracker or cookies, exp. 2-28-09, Says DND on back -- but Starts with "5"
5 x .75/1--------------Heinz Vinegar, any size, exp. 12-31-09 (starts with a "5")
5 x .50/1--------------Heinz Worcestershire Sauce, any size, exp. 12-31-09 (starts with a "5")
14 x 1.00.1----------Pup-Peroni 50 Calorie Snacks Pouches, exp. 6-1-2010,  (4.8oz box), peelies
8 x .55/1-------------New York Bread, any product, exp. NED, says DND---starts with a "5"