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2 x TMF Pert Plus, up to $4.54, good on Pert Plus 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner 25.4 oz, "Happy Medium", "So Fine", "Deep Down", "Dandruff Away" or "So Fresh",  puchase between 2-1-08 thru 8-31-09, pm by 9-30-09. write on a 3x5 card, UPC Numbers, your complete e-mail & mailing address & store name must be from a participating retailer. Send the 3x5 card with this form send to Scotsdale, AZ.
21 x Kelloggs TMF Cereal up to $3.99, send CRT & UPC, exp. 9-30-08 (good on Kelloggs Rice Krispies w/Strawberries Cereal AND Kelloggs Pop Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal

30 x Diesel Power Max, $2.00 Rebate, good on ANY 40oz bottle of Complete Item #15222, Fuel Injector Cleaner item #15220 or Anti-Gel item #15221, limit 2 bottles per addy, send CRT w/item circled on crt,  exp. 12-31-09

20 x Vicks $5.00 rebate, WYB any 3 Vicks products, send 3 upc's & CRT or COPY of CRT , goes to El Paso, Tx, exp. 7-31-08
6 x TMF BIC ReAction Retractable Permanent Marker, 2pk, pen,  send CRT & UPC, up to $3.99, exp. 6-30-08
25 x TMF Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste, sent crt & upc, exp. 6-30-09
5 x B2G1FREE--Recieve Free Coupon for Luzianna Tea, Send CRT & 2 UPC's from Family Size Luzianne Tea, exp. NED (47900-30319, only code that can be used)