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Up-dates & Praise


Prayer Request & Card Shower request:


Please pray for my marriage & my family. Thanks so very much. Wendy (Wendy Jacob )

Gail Hoover, needs lots of prayers, GAILHOOV@AOL.COM : Her son in law,Scott, died on August 23rd.He gave it his all  but could not overcome the melanoma.My daughter ,Wendy,is now a 37 year old widow with 2 children. 

Gail's son Rick is still with us and battling stage 4 bone cancer and stage 3 lung cancer.He is still getting cyberknife treatments in Baltimore.He is currently living with my daughter,Wendy,to try and help out in her time of grief. All prayers gratefully accepted.

Leslieandra --- For any of you that know me would you please take time to say a prayer for me. The problem is legal and won't go into it here and please do not email me about it.  I didn't do this and to prove I didn't is going to be nearly impossible I'm afraid.  Please say a prayer, light a candle or whatever for me.  Pray for me to stop screaming and crying and that I can get a job and some money coming into this house. Also, that I find a good man to come into my life to be with me and be good to me. I know they are out there but are hard to find.  Thank You.

Lois Gladden "mother-In-Law" of Cindy Gladden, lost her long time boyfriend of 9 years, on August 11th.

Adam McQuain (Sharon's son): Doing much better!!  

Jodie Veach: carcinoma of the breast - if you have time please send a card or e-card to Jodie.  Jodie Veach, PO Box 91, Port Elizabeth, NJ 08348

Please PRAY for Larry M., he has leukemia & has started another round of chemo. Sharon stated that Larry is not doing to good on this right now. Please keep him in your prayers. Sharon McQuain, aka grumpy57 is his wife, email addy is .
Larry McQuain
38 Vicksburg Rd
Buckhannon, WV. 26201

Need prayers for the strength to get through the difficulties in my marriage....Kaycee

Please pray for Scot Hesselberth (40 yrs old & My  DH's brother): Scot has Lung Cancer in both lungs & it is inoperable (carcinoma cancer), which is what their mom had when we lost her in 1994. He also has liver problems as well, as if right now we do not know if the cancer is in the liver! He has taken chemo treatments for the past 6 months & no changes were made.

Cyn Moore-Scott:  (personal problems)

Bonnie Quinn: (health problems)


Dinel Harris: (health problems)

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