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Rebate & Offers (printable)
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Ace Hardware Rebates (changes monthly):

3M Rebates & Offers:;

Act II popcorn Guarantee: exp. 5-31-08,

Activia Challenge: exp. 4-15-08,

Back To Nature Refund: exp. 11-30-08,

Bakin' Magic Miracle or Fryin' Magic free box rebate offer: exp. NED,

Berkley $5.00 Offer: exp.

Berkley $10.00 Offer: exp.

Blue Rhino Exchange $3.00 refund (printable): exp. 12-31-08,

BIC stationery products (Purchase $35 worth) offer: exp. 3-31-08,

BIC Comfort 3 Advance Logo or the college logo of your choice chair (printable): exp. 5-31-08,

Bee Movie DVD and 2 packages of Sargento/Keebler 5-pack snacks (printable): exp. 6-30-08,

Breeder's Choice Freq. Buyer Program rebate forms:

Carl buddig Surf's Up DVD rebate offer: exp. 4-31-08,

Citrucel $10.00 rebate: exp. 4-23-08, 

Colgate Free Spongebob Toothbrush: exp. 6-30-08,

Colgate offer, Free Carry Bag, sample & coupons: exp. WSL,

Dawn Direct Foam Guarantee: exp. 7-31-08,

Del Monte Vegetables Ratatouille Dvd $5.00 forms: exp. 4-30-08,

Dummies $5.00 Book Rebate: limit 2 per household, exp. 3-31-08, postmarked by 4-16-08, 2008.pdf  , (purchase price must be $6.99 or higher)

Edy's Golden Cone Club: If you're age 50 yrs old or more you are eligible to join Edy's Golden Cone Club. Membership is reserved exclusively for ice cream lovers. You'll get a welcome kit & newsletter & coupons:

Ensure $10.00 rebate: exp. 3-31-08 ,

Fast Fixins--TMF look on label & get your choice of your purchase price back up to $7 or $10 in coupons: , to print off (5) $1.00 coupons
Febreze Noticeables Guarantee rebate form: exp. 6-30-08,

Frigo Cheeseheads Tie Dyeshirt refund offer: exp. 4-30-08,

Frigo Cheese Heads Sports Watch: exp. 2-29-08,

Frosted Flakes Offer (printable): exp. 5-31-08 (both),  AND

Gaviscon TMF: exp. 5-31-08,

Gas Card Offer by P&G: exp. 3-3-08, ,get form from participating stores!

Gerber refund offers: exp. 12-31-08,

Ghirardelli Free Tickets to "Made of Honor" Offer (printable): exp. 5-24-08,

Hasbro Rewards Offer: exp. 3-23-08, or , You will recieve a Voucher & use it from the store you puchased it from OR use it at

Healthy Living DVD from Smucker's (printable): exp. 4-30-08,

Hershey Movie Offer: exp. 3-1-09, , requires points from SMP Hershey's candies as stated on the form, Limit 4 admissions per household.
(form printable: ) ( go here to find a locate theatre, )

Hershey's, Salutes Dale Earnhardt - Collect & Redeem SMP's Wrappers (printable): exp. 7-31-08,

Hershey's, Reeses or York Bags Valentines candies Plush Bear offer: exp. 2-29-08 or wsl,

Hormel Berenstain's Book promotion's: exp. NED,

Jollytime/Spiderman $10.00 rebate: exp. 8-31-08,

Just for Men Haircolor: exp. 4-30-08,

Kellogg's Barbie/hot wheels step counter: exp. 3-31-09 ,

Kellogg's Digital Bookmark and timer: exp. 9-30-08,

Kellogg's Donkey Chatter Box: exp. 6-30-08,

Kellogg's Freezer Alarm refund: exp. 3-31-09,

Kellogg's Gak Splat Ball: exp. 9-30-08,

Kellogg's Barbie (Mom & Me) watch set: exp. 3-31-09,

Kellogg's Projection Alarm Clock Offer: exp. 6-30-08,

Kellogg's Shrek Inflatable boogie board: exp. 6-30-08,

Kellogg's Shrek Bowl: exp. 3-31-08,

Kellogg's Shrek Knit Hat: exp. 12-31-08,

Kellogg's Pop Tarts Helmet Hat: exp. 6-30-08,

Kellogg's Pop Tarts American Idol tee: exp. 9-30-08,

Kellogg's Snack Right Activity Sack: exp. 4-30-08,

Kelloggs Step Counter: exp. 3-31-09,

Kellogg's zoo tycoon 2 pc game: exp. 12-31-08,

Kraft LiveActive Money back guarantee: exp. 7-31-08,

Kraft Philadelphia 1/3 less fat Cream Cheese satisfaction guarantee: exp. 7-15-08,

Land O Lakes Promo Offer: exp. 8-4-08,

Langers Promo's:

Lysol Pediatrician $5.00 Reward Offer: exp. 3-31-09,

Meaty Bone Challenge Offer: exp. 2-29-08, PM 3-14-08,

Minute Maid Enhanced Juice, Juice Drink or Tea products: exp. 3-30-08,

Morton Salt Promo: exp. 9-30-08,

Nature Made RxEssentials rebate: exp. 3-31-08,

Noxzema Rebate:  exp. 7-30-08,

Old Orchard Juice Promo's:

Oreillys rebates:

Orajel $1.50 rebate:

Oral-B rebates:

Oral B CrossAction Power Brush rebates: exp. 3-31-08,

OREO Gear (printable): exp. 12-15-08,

Orville redenbacher smart pop gourmet popcorn $2.99 guarantee: exp. 5-31-08,

Oxy-Strength refund Challenge: exp. 12-31-10,

Pedigree T-Shirt Offer: exp. 10-31-08,

Peter Pan satisfaction Guarantee: exp. 5-31-08,

Playtex Living Gloves $10.00 Offer: exp. 3-15-08,

Polident/Poligrip Offer: exp. 12-31-08, , recieve a $10 Darden Restaurants Gift Card (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, or Bahama Breeze), each $10.00 gift card requires 4 upc's & crt's.

Post-it Mcdonald's gift certificates rebate offer: exp. 6-30-08,

Purell TMF Foam: exp. 3-31-08,

Rayovac Alkaline battery guarantee:

Sambucol Black Elderberry TMF: exp. 12-31-08,

Sargento Cheese shrek the third dvd rebate: exp. 2-29-08,

Scotch Tape $5 gas card refund offer: exp. 6-30-08,

Senokot $5.00 Refund (printable): exp. 8-31-08,

Slim Fast Fashion Rewards Card Rewards: exp. 6-30-08,

Simply Orange Orange Back Guarantee (printable): exp. 4-30-08, for information on how to make a claim under the Simply Orange Orange Back Guarantee call toll-free 800-676-3904 or

Spray-N-Wash w/Resolve Guarantee Offer (printable): exp. 12-31-08,

Stash Tea B&B Offer: exp. 5-31-09,

Stern Rebate: exp. 9-5-08,

Sun-Maid x-box 360 rebate: exp. 10-31-08,

Veet Rebate:

Zyrtec $15.00 refund: exp. 4-30-08,